Frequently Asked Questions



How long does shipping takes?

Shipping takes about 10-25 days to deliver. This is to allow for process of handling, shipping and customs. When your customer’s order is received, handling usually takes one to two days for us to process. Our courier will then take the package into their hands and sort to customers’ respective regions for shipping process. Sometimes, they will ship in forms of batches once a week. Packages will arrive in the respective regions within 7 to 14 days after at their distribution center. Most packages get delivered within 25 days to customers.


What is the courier used for shipping?

FlexiPack International.


How do I track my package/item?

The tracking number will be provided to you via email and PayPal. Copy the tracking number and paste it in the following website,


Why does the tracking site have not updated the whereabouts of my package/item when they have been shipped out?

Most of our packages that we sent are not promptly registered at the distribution center when they arrive. This usually happen for packages sent to the US, Canada, Australia & Europe. However, do not worry, all packages get delivered within 25 days at maximum.


If I haven’t received my package/item within 25 days, what should I do?

You can contact us at our Facebook inbox, provide us your email or order number for us to check with our courier service. We will retrieve the location and status of your package.